Dwarf Hummingbird Bush
Hamelia Patens "Compacta"
The Dwarf Hummingbird Bush (also known as Dwarf Firebush) is a fast growing compact plant grown widely for the bright scarlet flowers that contrast with the dark green foilage in summer and fall. After the flowers go away, the leaves turn a beautiful reddish bronze for the late fall and winter. This is a colorful and striking plant that is very attractive to hummingbirds.
Type: Evergreen Shrub
Exposure: Best growth and flower production is in full sun. Anything less gives you less.
Soil: Prefers a prepared soil mix of equal parts potting/garden soil and mulch. Good drainage is a must.
Water: Water regularly but be careful not to overwater.
Hardiness: Hardy to 20 - 30 degrees Farenheight. Best in zones 9 and 10 or as an annual or potted plant farther north.
Growth: Vigorous yet compact growth to 4' tall and wide. Space 3' apart for borders or hedges.
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